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Monday, October 5, 2009

A Night at Red Lobster

Last night my sweetie and I felt like splurging. We eat out about once a month--twice if someone else is paying :D We decided on Red Lobster: not your typical fast food fare, but not terribly expensive, and practically college-kid free (a coveted rarity in this town).

I took the occasion to dress up a little, as you can see to the right. I almost never wear get the chance to wear this dress, and I never wear heels. It took me a good ten minutes walking around the apartment to get my balance. I really like the outfit, though--look how small it makes my waist appear.

A model, I will never be. I have such a hard time cooking up a decent smile in front of a camera.

There was no wait at the restaurant, which took me by surprise. We were shuttled into a corner booth with a fare dose of kitschy decor. My sweetie ordered the Seafood Sampler; check out the chic sea critters on the booth cover behind him.

The entrees at Red Lobster can be way too big, so ordering an appetizer instead was a smart choice on his part.

I was determined to be adventurous, so I ordered something I've never had before: the half-portion of talapia. It was topped with shrimp, which I've also never had before. Yes, I know I'm strange; I've just always had a mental block against eating the entire body of an arthropod in one mouthful. Even last night my sweetie had to cheerlead me into trying it--I just kept seeing it crawl around on my plate.

I'm sorry to say, I found I don't care much for shrimp. My sweetie assures me the flavor was overwhelmed by the garlic salsa, and they taste much better plain. I took his word for it and nudged the rest of them to the side of my plate. The talapia, though, was heavenly. It tasted a lot less like "fish" than I'm used to (I've been a strictly salmon and tuna girl up until now), and was extraordinarily tender. I also loved the wild rice. It probably had a pound of butter in it, but it was a nice break from my usual plain ol' steamed.

Have you ever eaten something that had so much flavor you ate about half of it and felt like the meal should be over already? That's what happened to me last night. I finished all my veggies, but only 3/4 of the rice and 1/2 of the fish. I felt sad to let them sit, but knew if I forced myself to finish my stomach would act up later (it hates being stuffed). And unfortunately, food like that doesn't reheat well, so I pulled a Tree Grows in Brooklyn and convinced myself that abandoning the remains was a form of indulgence.

I'm really unfamiliar with seafood, so we will probably select Red Lobster again in the future. My sweetie has plans to introduce me to lobster, oysters, and other marine-dwelling delicacies.

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