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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pretty Food

Finally! A chance to write an actual post! Let's ignore the fact that I should technically be reading papers for tomorrow's class, shall we?

I spent this weekend studying for my Collection Development & Management midterm and working on the website for my new comic strip. Unfortunately, this means blogging fell by the wayside...again. I can only keep up with so many creative endeavors at once!

Of course, I managed to squeeze in plenty of time in the kitchen. It helps that my laptop is in the same room, so that I can study, draw, code, and bake all at once ^-^ In my last post I alluded to blueberry bagels, and of course I never just stop at an allusion.

Tada! I used Peter Reinhardt's recipe again, kneading in the blueberries while I was incorporating the last of the flour before kneading and shaping. In a word, it was messy. I was covered in flour an sticky juice by the end.

Instead of making 8 bagels like last time, I shaped the recommended 6...and though I was alarmed at first at eating such big baked goods I found that a single one with cream cheese will do for breakfast.

Hah. Take that mid-morning munchies.

Another new favorite carbohydrate: spinach wraps. Yes, I am aware that they are refined fiber-and-mineral-lacking junk masquerading as "healthy." But they're green and pretty, and Kroger didn't have any other decent options in burrito size. All of their high fiber options are the teeny ones, and I wanted a real wrap. For dinner yesterday I made my first ever burritos.

Beans, rice, avocado, tomato and salsa in mine; beef, rice, salsa and cheddar in Sweetie's. Betcha can't tell whose is whose in the photo :p Sweetie didn't trust the green. But he did like the burrito--he hates drippy tacos, and the rice took care of that here. I was so pleased with the results that I made another wrap for lunch today.

Roasted red pepper hummus, grated carrot, and olives with leaves of romaine to keep the tortilla from getting soggy. I also brought strawberries and snacks.

The wrap was filling enough that I didn't eat the strawberries...but don't worry, I just remedied that at dinner.

A bubble-gum pink strawberry slushy! I put the neglected strawberries in the Vitamix with half a frozen banana and about 5 ice cubes, then whirred away until it produced one beautiful tart summer drink. Such a pretty drink necessitated a pretty entrée, of course.

The toaster oven strikes again! I topped some of my homemade bread with ham and Gruyère before toasting, then topped the cheese with blueberries for a tart contrast to the smoky-sweet cheese.

I love it when my food is pretty. Meals just aren't as satisfying to me if they're not bursting with color.

Now. I should probably tackle that reading. But there's a comic weighing down on my brain....


  1. im impressed! those bagels looks amazing

  2. Woah blueberries on a ham and cheese. I've done apples, I've done pears, I've done preserves, but you are in your own category, lady!

  3. I've been meaning to make bagels. Yours look so great! So inspiring. I must do this ASAP.


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