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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fried Fishies

It's about time to consider changing the name of this blog. My priorities are a lot different than they were a year ago, when I typed the name "Amateur Nutritionist" into Blogspot on the spur of the moment. Yes, I still halve the sugar in recipes and put spinach in my smoothies, but I'm also a lot more convenience-and-taste oriented than before. Copious amounts of ramen just doesn't fit the paradigm of an amateur nutritionist. Neither does last night's dinner:

Battered and fried, battered and fried. Definitely not "nutritionisty"--but I blame the vegans. See, Mama Pea put up a recipe for a healthed-up version of the Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster. When Sweetie caught wind of this, he refused to eat them with anything other than seafood. Chicken was a no-go. Beef got a thumbs-down. Problem: we don't like seafood. But fried seafood, well, that's a different matter.

I didn't eat any of these shrimps, because even though I was okay with tossing them in batter and boiling them in 400° oil, I couldn't bring myself to eat the little fetal-looking animals. Sweetie says they tasted like shrimp should, though they were a tad watery. If I ever fry seafood again, I should leech it with salt first.

As for the biscuits, well, let's just say the keys to a good Bay Biscuit are butter and cheese.

I used white whole wheat flour, light soy milk and Smart Balance olive-oil-based spread for the fats, so I can still pretend to be an Amateur Nutritionist, right? And when I made leftovers into today's lunch, I used a homemade roll with lots of bran and flax in it, and put a leaf of lettuce on top.

I've never been a fan of fish sandwiches, but who knew all they needed was a little Miracle Whip? My mouth was happy, and so was the cat until she learned she wasn't getting any (and was repeatedly tossed off the table during this learning process).

I'm only half-kidding about changing the name. If I think of a better one, it will go on the winter banner that should go up soon. Any suggestions?

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  1. ho mahh goodness those cheesy biscuits are right up my alley!


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