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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Alive!

Good morning! This is the first post in, what, two weeks? I almost forgot the blog world existed...if it wasn't for Sweetie pointedly checking the site for new content in front of me this morning. What happened to me?

-A 25 page survey project for Intro to Research Methods
-A multi-hour field project for Intro to Research Methods
-A pathfinder project for Reference
-Virtual and desk observations for Reference
-Weekly 5-hour-minimum assignments for Reference
-A literature review for Library Management
-A presentation for Library Management
-Designing and coding my professional portfolio to search for a second job and internships (because I have a minor masochistic streak)
-Drawing comics for my personal site and the ALA student chapter newsletters

This, of course, while working and keeping up with the readings. Timid librarian stereotypes my Aunt Maureen...these professors have fully realized the oxymoron "benevolent dictatorship."

But it hasn't all been workworkwork; I've had some fun times too. Over Thanksgiving I played with 400 degree peanut oil:

And lately I've been relaxing with an elite military group whose mission is to defend libraries against censor-happy police hordes with AK-47s...and shelve Toshokan Sensou:

Literal translation: Library Wars. I am 100% serious. The Japanese can turn any setting into a violent, morality-enforcing dystopian cartoon.

Today I had plans to tackle one of the assignments listed above (two are yet incomplete), but it would require getting to the public library. And when we opened the blinds this morning, the window looked like this:

And this is my car:

(It's the little white one on the far right). Now, I could easily scrape everything off of it, but the problem is the roads those tires would be driving on. If you've ever been in Bloomington on the first big snow of the season, you will witness many a hapless citizen standing next to a car slammed into a pole waiting in vain for emergency assistance. The city takes a couple of days at least to get their act together. Fortunately, the buses run on Saturday, and if they crash it's not on my insurance.

So far today I've fixed a breakfast of apple-bread with Tofutti cream cheese and Morning Star veggie-"sausage" patties:

I drank a cup of tea and listened to Sweetie get tips from his father about visiting New York City. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but we're considering visiting for a few days to see all the classic tourist destinations over Christmas break.

Everyone have a good (hopefully not snowed-in) weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a tough semester, but I'm sure that's an understatement. How was the Tofutti cream cheese? Personally, I'm not fond of Tofutti ice cream; however, I have at least tried it. I made an awesome Tofu stir-fry this past week, which was very colorful with multi-colored peppers, onions, veggies, salsa,and a dollop of nonfat sour cream!

    All the best,

    Anthony Sepe
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    Medical Nutrition Therapy Services


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