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Saturday, April 30, 2011


As I was sitting down to write my final paper of the semester, I checked my email and saw this highlighted at the top:


One or more of your registered classes has been cancelled by the
course department. The Office of the Registrar has made arrangements
to waive the charge associated with dropping this course.

Subject Area: SLIS-S
Catalog Nbr: 603
Class Nbr: 10510

The course number here corresponds to a workshop in usability testing, which was the one class I was looking forward to within the next year. But information science students don't give a damn about usability, so too few people signed up for it.

Now I'm bummed. And mad. Not only was one of my few hopes of learning something useful before graduation shot down, but I'll have to find some other class to make up the credits (and I'm certainly not taking Python, Web Graphics, Podcasting, or any of the other pseudo-programming workshops the department decided to pay for instead). The only plus side is that I'll have some free hours this summer to get back to my personal projects. That, and I have yet another bullet point to my reply when the Alumni Association comes a-calling for donations.

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  1. I'd be pretty mad too! And I'm still holding a grudge against some of the stuff I dealt with in college...thus why I haven't given them much money, despite the irritating phone calls!


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