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Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Spiced Potato Doughnuts

My world has been crazy lately. Since I'm at the center of my world, the origin of the craziness is obviously me. I could blame the professors who simultaneously assigned three hair-tearing midterm papers due this week. I could blame the virus that's going around taking all of my group members out. I could also blame the weather, which is wreaking havoc on my lips and skin and makes it difficult to get out from under the cozy covers under the morning.

However, the source is ultimately me. My professors didn't tell me to spend my weekend coding a jQuery & Google Maps API prototype for an app design; we were just supposed to make pretty pictures. (Actually, that's why I did it. "Does the app need to be functional?" a classmate asked. "No," the professor said. "Of course not. Not for this class." That sounds like a challenge to me.) The virus only took down one member in a group of 4, and I have fuzzy pajamas and a new humidifier to combat the effects of the weather. So the problem is really me, for letting the stress pile up irrationally. That, and for spending all afternoon yesterday watching "Community" episodes.

Now, there are two primary ways to fix me, so that I stop whining and things get done. Three, actually, if you split one of them into two variants.

1) Give me money.
2) Give me food.

Obviously, number two is the only viable option right now. The pursuit of the first one is what causes most of my worries in the first place. Hence, even while I'm "supposed" to be reading and writing papers, crafting surveys and designs, or coordinating group meetings and interviews, you will find me on any given day in the kitchen for an extended amount of time. I've made a whole slew of new recipes I've been meaning to post, like these carrot cookies...

...and these blueberry bars...

...or an unpictured batch of pumpkin cookies that appeared on my counter last night around midnight. But given my limited amount of time to devote to things that don't get me a diploma, I could only choose one for today. That one will be these adorable Autumn Spiced Potato Doughnuts.

Aren't they cute? They might be cuter if you had some sense of the scale of them, but I'm not going to take a picture of one in my hand because that would require effort, and I have little effort left to spend.

As per usual, I took someone else's recipe and made it my recipe. The original called for sweet potatoes, but I didn't have any and I don't really like them (the shock!). The original recipe must have been insanely sugary, because after cutting the sugar in half (adding a bit of molasses for flavor) and leaving off the cinnamon topping, they were still pretty darned sweet. I guess to qualify for the name "doughnuts" they have to send your blood insulin levels through the roof, so maybe you should call mine "buns" instead. Buns sounds cuter anyway.

Pro tip: leave your dough really moist for a light and fluffy texture. I usually flour my yeast doughs until they're almost dry to the touch...don't do that. If you leave it just under the threshold of "too sticky" you'll get a lovely, tender little bun, instead of a boring mini bagel. These are perfect if you need to eat breakfast in the car because you couldn't get out from under the cozy covers in the morning, or if, like today, you need something small that would digest in under an hour before you get on the treadmill.

Now, to listen to a Korean rock comedy group while huffing and puffing through two measly miles.

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  1. I love potatoes and I love donuts...these look fabulous!

    I hope your crazy world calms down this weekend and gives you a nice little break. Have a great one!


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